Creative Commons – Up Close and Personal

Most of you must be thinking this sounds funny, Creative Commons, what do you think it is? Well let’s get to know more about it which means getting up close and personal with CC.

CC or Creative Commons is an American non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. What they do is, they help you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world. We unlock the full potential of the Internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity. With a network of staff, board, and affiliates around the world, Creative Commons provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses to make a simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work–on conditions of your choice.

World leading content and knowledge sharing organizations like Flickr, Wikipedia, Internet Archive and YouTube are some amongst the many who are a part of the Creative Commons vastly growing family.

The organization has released several copyright-licenses known as Creative Commons licenses free of charge to the public. These licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators. An easy-to-understand one-page explanation of rights, with associated visual symbols, explains the specifics of each Creative Commons license. Creative Commons licenses do not replace copyright, but are based upon it. They replace individual negotiations for specific rights between copyright owner (licensor) and licensee, which are necessary under an “all rights reserved” copyright management, with a “some rights reserved” management employing standardized licenses for re-use cases where no commercial compensation is sought by the copyright owner. The result is an agile, low-overhead and low-cost copyright-management regime, profiting both copyright owners and licensees.

You can contact us for more information about Creative Commons or visit their website to understand how their system on copyrights work.

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