New App To Help Locate People in Areas Without Network

Good news for all of you out there.

If you ever get lost in a jungle, stuck in the snow, met with an accident or even if you are in a disaster struck area without any cell reception then there is no need to fear. Yes that’s right, scientists from Universidad de Alicante (UA) Spain have come up with an app that helps locating people in afore mentioned situations. They have developed an application that can be installed on any smartphone, it makes use of the wifi system within the phone and sends a wifi signal which kind of acts like an sos or a distress signal which can be received over several kilometers ( so far 3-6 kilometers is the strength of the signal which is promised to be increased ).

The signal consists of the location in coordinates accompanied by a short message which can be altered according to situation. The scientists have created a light, portable receptor device that can detect this distress signal, this is highly recommended for rescue teams. The device comes with a small antenna that is connected to the smartphone of the search party which then will start picking up the signal and point in the required direction.

At present a system that uses wifi signals to locate a smartphone does not exist, but phone signals can be used to pinpoint a location which is actually pretty expensive. However, this new system is very economical and can be used anywhere in this world.

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