How Jio Lost His Friends – Part 1

The story that I am going to talk about is purely fictional and is just for fun.

The village in this story is quite big not like the usual small one’s we see today and it ain’t that poor as well, everyone lives in peace and harmony. This village had a school, a hospital, a market and what not, seems like it is turning out to be a city right, well in my opinion it’s still a village. So, anyways this village had everything that one needs but did not have a proper college for the students after they finished their schooling. They had to travel to other villages to study and most students ended up settling there and never came back, rest of the students that decided to stay behind in their own village had to find different ways to finish their studies. These students were all good friends and the favorite amongst them was Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, I know it’s a big name but that was the norm back then so everybody ended up calling him BSNL. Then there was Airtel, Idea, Hutch (but he was later given a nickname that stuck called Vodafone) and then came Jio the youngest of the lot. This story is of Jio and how this group of friends broke up, but let’s not come to that now.

So, these students had a tough time finishing their college studies as there was very little the village night classes and parallel colleges could offer. During the day most of them were free and played around and on one such day BSNL had an idea that blew everyones minds. He came up with the plan to start a new college in the village so that more students would stay within the village rather than move to other villages for studies and finally end up settling there. BSNL, though from a middle class family was a favorite of the village and since his idea was a good investment the villagers pitched in and supported him till he finished building the college. He also got help from neighboring villages to get educated people who would come to teach in his college and with that students slowly started enrolling. One by one all the students of the village started studying in his college and everything was going well for BSNL as well as for the village. Now as time passed Airtel wasn’t all that happy nor were Idea and Vodafone as they thought that the new college, though good was teaching the same syllabus over and over again every year without ever updating it to match with the other villages. Once the students found out about this, slowly most of them started to quit and move to the other neighboring villages. Airtel, Idea and Vodafone decided that they must make BSNL change his ways otherwise the college will start running at a loss and eventually will have to be shut down. BSNL was adamant and turned down all their ideas to improve still they kept trying to change his mind and finally BSNL agreed that he finds their suggestions good but which one should he chose and who must he listen to was the question he put forth. Each came with their own set of ideas, so who must he listen to was what he wanted to know. That was it, that one question destroyed it all, the once close friends now started arguing with each other and ended up fighting to prove that their idea was better than the rest. On that very day they parted as enemies, each determined to prove themselves right.

Airtel, Idea and Vodafone decided that each of them had to build their own colleges to provide better facilities and updated syllabus and better teachers. For this all three of them agreed that getting help from the village is not enough but they had to go to other neighboring villages, understand how their colleges run and get fundings from these villages to start their own college. Now around this time and maybe even a while back you might have started wondering about what Jio was doing while all this was happening. Jio was the youngest of the lot as he was still in school and his family was rich enough to send him to any village to study in the college of his choice. So while Jio had his mind set on joining BSNL’s college, his father had other plans for him. His father Reliance was an educated man and knew about the bitterness that was brewing between BSNL, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone and knew that sending Jio to another village for his studies was good for him and his future. Jio was reluctant at first but as his father explained that he can always come back whenever he wants plus the college he had chosen for him was amongst the best and that he will have all the latest syllabus and facilities which meant he would never feel the need to regret this decision. After his schooling Jio set out to start his new life in a far away village. Meanwhile his so called friends were busy trying to set up their own colleges.

This is where Part 1 ends.

For Part 2 click the link below.

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