How Jio Lost His Friends – Part 2

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How Jio Lost His Friends – Part 1

Over the coming months Airtel, Idea and Vodafone had made enough money to set up their own colleges, each determined to out do the other in every possible way. The constructions began in full swing and the village was covered in dust and filled with loud noises made by the big machines that were brought in to help building the colleges sooner. This continued for about 6-8 months and finally the construction was done and it was time to declare the colleges ready for admission. Now it was difficult for the village students to decide which college to choose, but this was what the three were expecting. Thus began the plans to advertise and share with the people what each college had to provide that the others didn’t for their students, it was complete chaos, the villagers didn’t know which one to choose so that their children could study and compete with the rest of the villages. Admissions began and students started enrolling, students from neighboring villages also started joining and the three new colleges were filling up quickly and faster than expected. The villagers who still thought that BSNL’s college was enough for their children had them enrolled there and his classes were still filled with students who slowly started regretting their admission but had no choice but to continue with their studies.

Now as time passed Airtel understood that if his college has to become and stay the best, he’d have to bring something new to the campus that the other’s didn’t have which meant he had to think outside the box. He then had a light bulb moment, computers were the new fashion these days and everyone wanted one and for those who couldn’t afford one, Internet cafés were started so that people could go and use them whenever the need came. So Airtel decided to bring computers to his college and in a few months time he had opened the first computer lab which had enough computers so that the students could use them when they had to. Idea and Vodafone did not appreciate this move and were determined to bring the same to their campuses as well, but they soon understood that just by having a computer lab that enables students to use the computers meant that more and more students will spend more time in the lab than in class which meant that they had to make some new changes to this new system.

So finally they understood that they had to create a new schedule just for this class which would meant that the lab would be available for the students only for an allocated time. This would make sure that the students will spend less time in the lab and more time in class. So within a short span of time Idea and Vodafone introduced computer labs in their campuses and started allotting time slots for each class so that the students can use the lab during that time slot and accordingly the next class can use it after that and so on. This proved to be better than what Airtel had to offer and the labs remained less crowded and congested. In the meantime Airtel was looking for and found an experienced teacher who could teach his students the language of computers as he had understood the mistake he had made with the lab not having time allotment for his students. With this more Airtel’s college now not only had the biggest computer lab but also had a teacher who could teach the computer language. As usual finding that his plan had worked Idea and Vodafone also hired teachers to teach their students the same, but by now more students had already joined Airtel’s college which made it all the more difficult for them to find more students but they somehow managed. This routine of someone bringing something new to the table and others trying to copy the same kept going on on for years. By this time Jio had finished his studies and was ready to return to his home village.

Jio recieved a warm welcome from his family, his father was really proud of his performance in college and was glad that he was back. Jio seemed happy to be back, but that didn’t show on his face. His friends weren’t there to receive him, that bothered him a lot, so instead of confronting them he started asking around and found out everything he had to. He decided to meet his friends individually and his first choice was BSNL. He had nothing much to say, he told Jio of what had happened and brought him up to speed and that conversation gave Jio the best idea he had ever thought off, even better than the plan he had made to steel honey from bees and sell it when he was in school. So Jio without meeting the rest of the old gang headed home to meet his father, he couldn’t wait to tell his father about his new idea. “That’s the most stupidest idea I have ever heard !” was the first thing his father said, “What is wrong with you and your friends?, don’t we have enough colleges in this village already?”. Jio sat down with his father and explained his plan on how to bring his friends back together, it took a while but his father understood and eventually accepted his idea to start his own college in the village. His father asked him how he plans to build one when there are already four colleges setup, Jio reassured his father, “we are rich enough already now let’s lose some money to become more rich dad”. So began the spreading of the rumor of a new college that’s gonna be built and it spread like wildfire and just like that in a matter of months a new college was built, it was big and no one knew who owned it. Then came the day of the grand opening of the college, so far since the date of construction no one had even the slightest of clues as to who owned it, so naturally the opening day was the biggest celebrations this village had seen and the whole village was there to witness it.

Everyone was present at the college gate and the suspense was killing them. Then there was an announcement which said welcome to my institution, all are welcome and with that the gates opened and people started rushing in. There in the middle of the campus was a beautiful garden and it was set up with some lights and a stage with a huge screen behind it. People gathered in front of the stage and waited for another announcement, in the meantime Airtel, Idea and Vodafone were pushing themselves through the crowd to stand in front to see who their new competitor was, BSNL chose to stay behind and just watch things unfold. Then suddenly an announcement was made and it said “welcome everyone to this wonderful grand opening of my institution and on this auspicious occasion i would like to call on stage some important people starting with our village head, followed by Mr.Relaince who helped me build this and next i would like to call upon Mr.BSNL, Mr.Airtel, Mr.Idea and Mr.Vodafone on to the stage”. One by one everyone walked up to the stage but BSNL still stayed behind, the whole crowd cheered as they made their way to the stage.

Then the huge screen behind them lit up and started showing pictures of the village, then of the schools and then came the colleges set up by the four friends. All this was met with applause, then came pictures of the new college and then it stopped. Then out of no where came Jio to the stage with a mic in his hand, everyone was surprised to see him after so many years. He came to the front of the stage and greeted everyone and welcomed the crowd for being there. Then he said, “By now I think you all figured out that i built this college with the help of my father. I take this moment to thank the people who made this dream of mine possible, my father of course and then my dear friends BSNL, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone for all that they did to help me achieve my dream. Now I would like to tell the people of my village why i made this college. You see there were already four colleges in this village, I didn’t actually have to build another. But why i did build it was because i saw some fundamental things missing in these colleges and i thought mine should have all these and more. My institution has everything these colleges have put together plus I’ve added some more things like free admissions for the first batch, education will not be limited to students here, anyone can join if they truly want to learn. My college will also conduct yearly placement activities that will help the students who pass out get better job opportunities faster rather than waiting in line for an interview call. I have many more such plans that I’ll be rolling out soon but for now all i seek are your blessings and support. Thank you”. The whole crowd who were silent throughout the speech went crazy and started cheering, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone were getting furious but couldn’t do anything and Jio’s father noticed that. He walked up to Jio and whispered into his ears “I think You’ve made them angry, how do you think they would ever get back to being friends again?, did the plan fail?”. Jio looked at his father hugged him and said “Just smile and wave at the crowd dad, just smile and wave”.

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