Google Removed Over 7,00,000 Apps

That’s right people, Google has removed over 7,00,000 bad apps from the playstore. Most of the apps were removed even before anyone installed it and all this was just in 2017, Google said. Last year Google hit a record list of bad apps that needed to be removed which were generally categorized under Impersonating, Inappropriate Content and Malware.

As far as impersonating goes, it is quite simple actually, apps that imitated other successful apps be it in terms of title or visually and so on. These apps violate copyright rules which is unacceptable and hence are required to be removed. A large number of such apps had been downloaded and reported by its unfortunate users. The impersonators carried out this practice through deceptive methods such as “confusable unicode characters or hiding impersonating app icons in a different locale.”

Coming into inappropriate content, this one’s easy. Inappropriate content, according to the company’s definition, includes pornography, extreme violence, illegal activities, and hate. This means that any application that shows even one of these mentioned content is considered and required to be removed. Google’s advanced machine learning models help flag these content plus human reviewers come in to help as well.

And, finally, malware, the presence of Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs) that can cause harm device users. Apps involved in phishing, fraud, and Trojans are part of this list. Google claims PHAs are currently small in volume but research to remove them is being heavily invested in. With the help of Google Play Protect – Google’s malware scanning feature – at I/O 2017, the annual PHA installs have apparently gone down by 50 percent year on year, they said.

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