Whatsapp Saves Relationships

Whatsapp saves relationships with its updates latest reports show.

The one key thing in any relationship is communication and that being said most relationships have their conversations on popular messenger apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram etc. Most of these relationships end instantly when one sees that the other hasn’t replied even after seeing the message and is still online. This is just one scenario of the funny yet serious turn of events that happen every day on such apps.

So in order to help relationships last longer, Whatsapp has some features that can help. The first being hiding the “blue ticks” that show you’ve seen the message and the second being not displaying the “last seen” timings so that your significant other doesn’t read things the wrong way. So I hope you all are ready to save your relationships with just two simple steps.

First Step – Go to Account Settings and select the “Privacy option”.

Step Two – Select “Last Seen” option to hide that from others and also click on the “disable blue ticks” option to do the same.

See how simple it is to save your relationships. Keep Reading and commenting for more such tech related news and updates.

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