What’s fact and what’s fiction?, Google has the answer

Yes, you read right people, Google will tell you if the news you read online is fact or fiction.

This new feature, the Fact Check is aimed at enlightening people on how to identify whether the news you read online is the truth or is falsified information. This feature enabled with the help of Schema.org Claim Review markup goes through specific pages where they “fact check” the content with public statements that have come from highly reliable sources and authorities.

Nowadays with an increase in news content that has crowded the web, it has become difficult for the common user to identify fact and fiction. Putting a stop to this high influx of data into the web is not possible, but separating the fact from fiction is a possible certainty that Google is working on. They had rolled out trial versions of this in 2017 and have taken in a tremendous amount of feedback from people around the world which in turn helps them narrow down as to how they go about separating the two( Fact & Fiction ). By cross-referencing public data mentioned above which have come from reliable sources with the news content available on the web, Google can now identify fact and fiction up to a certain amount of certainty.

Try supporting Google in their honest approach to make us, the normal people, to get the right information at all times.

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