Sophos India Launches Intercept X For Servers

Sophos India has launched a new solution which may help decrease the rate of hacking of your servers to a bare minimum with the help of predictive deep learning technology.

“Servers are an all-time favorite for cybercriminals because they store valuable information and have a broader, system-wide organisational purpose than individual endpoints,” Sunil Sharma, Managing Director Sales for Sophos India and Saarc, said in a statement.

“An entire company could get conceivably wiped out if cybercriminals get through to its servers with ransomware or malicious code, or exploit vulnerabilities to gain access. Once breached, attackers can get deep in the network and have the ability to do some serious damage,” Sharma added.

Server hack ain’t a new thing that has surprisingly taken over the globe, it has been in play for many years which makes it almost impossible to irradicate that threat in a moments notice. The only available solution is to amp up your server security to maybe help avoid or reduce hacks. Sophos is offering you the same but with a better outcome.

Sophos promises that Intercept X for Server considerably advances server security with deep learning, anti-exploit and other key technological elements. Once started, it constantly updates and identifies critical attributes resulting in more accurate decisions between benign and malware payloads.

Smaller companies are at more risk compared to larger and better-resourced companies which suggest that server security is of utmost importance.

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