November 29, 2017

Cookie Notice

Cookie Policy

The government announced new policies to the e-Privacy Directive governing about the use of website Cookies in 2011.
A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent from a website and stored in the user’s computer or device by the web browsers of the user. Cookies are mainly classified as persistent cookies and session cookies, where each of these cookies having their own specific functions. The session cookies expire after you close your web browser, handling of session cookies varies by browser and browser versions. The persistent cookies are deleted when their expiration time is up.
We use cookies in our website and other associated sites in order to increase the functionality; optimise our advertisements and marketing features: personalizing content; for authentication and better user experience.

Our use of cookies
The uses and functionality of different cookies that we use in our website:

1 Use of Essential cookies
Essential Cookies are necessary for the website to function properly including each and every part of in it. Without accepting this cookie policy, a user can’t access the secure portions of our website.

2. Cookies to track analytics performance
These cookies are used to monitor all the analytic data of our websites, the details from these cookies allow us to know more about the number of audience, page views, number of unique visitors, customer login, how long they visited, the area of our services the user most visited and thus we can improve our site which helps maintain the trust our clients and users have in us. The analytic cookies do not collect any personal information such as name and email address of the user.

3. Use of functional cookies
Functional cookies record the preferences that you have made and it enables the website’s functionality, thus avoiding the repeated selection of choices that you have made earlier such as language, username, and region. The data collected by functional cookies are anonymised and hence cannot track your browsing activities on other websites.

4. Use of Behavioural advertising cookies

This builds a user profile based on the browsing patterns of the user across our site and a third party site which enables finding and selecting advertising most relevant to the user. The behavioural advertising cookies cannot collect your personal information, but it can track your activity around the internet.

Cookies on your Device

We require your consent in order to place cookies in your device. This consent is obtained when you first visit our site. And if you are not interested in cookies you can change your browser settings at any time depending on the need. Our services may not function properly if you are not receiving any cookies at the time of use. In simple words, the use of cookies in our website makes your user experience more smooth and swift.

Warning: Removing or managing cookies may reduce the functionality of the site.

Currently Suvantech using the following cookies

1 -ga
2 -gat
4 -gid
5 WordPress-test-cookie