India Ranks 109th – Speedtest

Not so surprisingly India now is ranked 109 in the world ranking of Mobile Internet Speeds and that too behind countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka. India is ranked 76 for its fixed Broadband Speeds globally, the source being Ookla Speedtest which is amongst the world’s leading speedtesting softwares and at some point it seems like it’s the only one.

When 2017 came about the average speed for mobile downloads was 7.65Mbps and towards the end by about November the download speed is now about 8.80Mbps which seems like a 15% increase in speeds and with regards to India this is “significantly good” said the company when they released the results.

A Sample View Of Ookla App Interface

Consequent speeding up of mobile internet speeds lead to dramatic increase in fixed Broadband speeds, which in January was about 12.12Mbps and as of November the speed rocketed to 18.82Mbps which is about a 50% increase/jump. Now as of November, Norway is at the top position with the top speed title for mobile internet speed of 62.66Mbps and as far as fixed Broadband goes Singapore takes top spot with 153.85Mbps.

Ookla verifies Internet speeds across the globe based on human-initiated tests taken by real people using the Speedtest app and websites.

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