Google’s Speedometer Mode On Elections

As the election phase is going on in state legislative assemblies in India, Google is also picking up on the live action as I’m writing this article. Google as we all know like to bring out a lot of new varieties of styles on their pages that visually attract all of its users. A regular treat is the changing of the logo to make way for stylized versions to remember the birthdays of famous personalities and dates of famous events that have made its mark on the world.

Now as the elections in India especially in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are taking over all social media platforms across India, Google made sure to make it seem interesting. The live results of the election is being shown in the form of a Speedometer. That’s right motor head fans will know what I mean. The live results keep updating itself every 30 seconds and promises to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Gujarat Live Election Results as of 9:30 Am IST.


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